Education, Youth, and Seniors

"I will lead the fight to protect public education, increase teacher salaries and to provide more activities, mentoring programs, sports, job and after-school programs for our youth and more services for Senior Citizens. I will also secure additional funding for vocational job training programs (i.e. plumbing, electrical, nursing, HVAC and other high wage trade and vocational jobs)."


"I will work to reduce rent for apartments and single-family homes, build more affordable housing for families and individuals, help individuals and families buy their first home, and increase funding for down-payment assistance. Orange County needs more affordable single-family and multi-family rental homes."

Crime and Public Safety

"Work with the District 41 neighborhood associations and law enforcement to reduce crime, drugs and gun violence in our communities."


" Increase funding for LYNX and the number of LYNX buses, the frequency of bus service and the number of covered bus stop shelters. Provide improved transportation for senior citizens and the disabled that need transportation to doctor's visits and the grocery store. Work with Orange County Government and LYNX to build a commuter rail system that goes across and around all of Orange County."

Economic Development

"I will also start a new small business assistance program to help small and minority businesses grow, secure loans and get their fair share of business contracts and business opportunities. I will provide more job training and apprenticeship programs for high school juniors and seniors, adults and ex-felons that lead to well-paying jobs."


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